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While one part of the world is crazy about apple devices, there is another community, which swears by android devices.

Doubtlessly, Android is world's one of the largely used mobile operating systems. Research firm says that Android is too close to capture 80% market share in global smartphone shipments.

Over 50% of Smartphones run on the Android platform.

Android has become one of the most successful mobile application platforms by offering flexibility along with support of third party applications. It is the most versatile open source mobile OS that runs on various mobile device. Intuitive and imaginative design, compatibility with multiple networks and potential for game-changing applications has made android app development the need for all the businesses.

There are more than 1.2 million apps on google play store and more than 65000 android apps are downloaded on daily basis.

Android is a powerful platform that holds immense value for enterprises interested in embracing mobile applications for mobile business processes. MOWEB's android app development consultants would be happy to speak with you about augmenting a current app or developing a new one.

We have been developing android apps from its inception. We have an excellent team of professional Android programmers with extensive experience developing android applications. Our team is skilled at android app development for both smart phones and tablets.

Our experience with enterprises across the globe, places us in a position to provide industry-leading expertise with our Android app development team. We not only design a seductive application, but also create a distinct functionality within your app.

Our solutions and services are mature enough to fulfill the needs of your user-base in the smartest manner. Our experts deeply understand the nerve of Android ecosystem and can help and provide consultation on Android app designing, development and deployment process.

We field only a first-class team of experienced developers, fully qualified to take your ideas and make it them a reality in record time.

Tailored to meet unique client needs, we design, develop, implement, test, and upgrade custom Android applications with outstanding precision, performance, flexibility and relevance.

Our experience of the Android Market Place along with our expert UI designers and knowledgeable Android developer team deliver outstanding Android apps.

We make sure that projects are delivered to our clients exactly as per specification and within the proposed time.

With us, things like 100% satisfaction, timely project delivery and 24x7-technical-support are fairly possible.

If you are a client that already has iPhone or Blackberry apps but are interested in porting to Android, our developers are here to help. MOWEB's development team has experience developing for a variety of operating systems and platforms. In collaboration with our Android team, we will help develop the solution your enterprise and customers need. Our goal is to provide maximum business productivity and business value from an Android application.

Our experience of the Android Market Place along with our expert UI designers and knowledgeable Android developer team deliver outstanding Android apps.

Our Android Application development services include:

  • Android Utility Application
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android Games Development
  • Applications for Security
  • Applications for Multimedia Industry
  • Android m-commerce applications
  • Porting of existing web or mobile application to Android
  • Social Networking Application
  • LBS applications on Android
  • e-Learning Application Development
  • Android Mobile Apps Development
  • Product Catalogue Application Development
  • Business Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Hire Android Mobile Apps developer
  • Social networking Application
  • Tablet Application Developer
  • 2.3 and 4.4 native SDK Compatible Android Apps Development

Whether you are looking to develop a Mobile Product for millions of users, solve a Business Problem with Mobility Solutions or extend your Web based business to Mobile our team can help you with that. We suggest the right platform & solution for your requirement.

Our Android experts make use of the comprehensive set of development tools offered by the Android SDK to create android apps, which add value to our customers. Utilities such as Android SDK's APIs, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools are extensively used by us to create risk-free and highly valued Android apps. Benefits of Android's rich libraries for Audio / Media types and Graphics (2D and 3D with Open GL) are optimally used as well.

We leverage our expertise on the following technologies to offer our services:

  • Framework API's
  • Java Programming using Android SDK
  • C/C++ programming using NDK
  • Google's Accessory development kit (ADK) for hardware manufacturers building accessories for Android
  • Client-server architecture using different protocols (HTTP, SOAP, NetSuite, Rest, IPC)
  • Google Play Services
  • Expert work on Android's WiFi API's
  • File Storage and Management API's
  • Android Background Syncing (SyncAdapter)
  • Printing Framework
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Media (Audio-Video) Framework
  • Low Power Sensors
  • 3rd party social application integration like Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc
  • Analytics tool integration (Google & Flurry Analytics)
  • Google Cloud Messaging, Ad Mob
  • Location based services using Google Maps, GPS etc

We can help you make more informed decisions about revenue models and user experiences on your Android Apps, by implementing industry leading mobile analytics from Flurry/Pinch Media. You can get insights into how consumers use your Android Apps. You can get aggregated usage and performance data, as well as robust reporting and analysis tools. With this data, you can identify issues and opportunities, create a more informed product roadmap, increase retention and grow the user base for your Android Apps.

Android also has a streamlined and simplified approval process, making bringing new apps to the market faster and easier than on most other platforms. With all these advantages to consider, shouldn't you be selling apps to the Google Play (the Android Market)? If you are ready to take advantage of this platform, then we are ready to help you in a variety of ways. There are now more than 1 billion Android devices on the plant.

Want the chance to reach out to every one of them? Simple: Get in touch with us!

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