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If your customers or users are on Blackberry you will need to provide high quality apps to enhance user experience.

While Blackberry's usage has been decreasing in comparison to the big boys in the mobile operating system space it still boasts of millions of users and because of its security features there are a lot of enterprise that still rely on RIM.

If your customers or users are on Blackberry you will need to provide high quality apps to enhance user experience Blackberry devices have long been known as the benchmark for security standards in the world of business communications. It offers a robust security model and centralized device management capabilities, which appeals to large enterprises and individual professionals.

With their physical keyboards and trackballs/trackpads, the interaction on these devices is very different from full touch devices. Even though Blackberry is now launching devices that are touch based, the basic premise behind a Blackberry application remains the same.

Originally favored by business people for its high-level security and facilities such as push email, instant messaging and Internet service, BlackBerry now finds favors with young people also. The Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) has made secure access to corporate e-mail possible. Although BlackBerry sales have dipped recently due to other smartphones in the market, businesspeople still swear by it.

BlackBerry is expanding its business in the mobile phone arena by launching great, intuitive applications on its BlackBerry app store. These apps are finely designed and effective in terms of business usage. It has targeted both the corporate and common market.

Looking at the worldwide reach and the popularity of BlackBerry devices, we have allocated a separate team of BlackBerry developers well versed in the design, development and deployment of BlackBerry apps. We design and develop full-featured B2B and B2C apps, including database management systems, customer relationship management and intranet systems.

We build custom apps for BlackBerry in all genres such as business, sports, travel, news or multimedia.

We have an experience in developing blackberry apps to take your business to the next level. From business application to VoIP, utility and communication applications, our BlackBerry developers are well equipped to create business centric user-friendly BlackBerry applications.

Our Blackberry app developers are proficient in BlackBerry enterprise servers, BlackBerry JDE, BlackBerry Widget SKD, BlackBerry Runtime APIs, and other technologies that are essential for creating a successful BlackBerry application. We develop in Java to take full advantage of BlackBerry smartphone features like the phone and camera, and integrate with BlackBerry applications such as the address book and BlackBerry Maps. We have deep experience with BlackBerry enterprise servers, JDE, Widget SKD, APIs and relevant third party technologies required to make an application useful and scalable. From simple puzzle games to enterprise level apps, we have the expertise and team to cater to your BlackBerry app needs.

Whether you are looking for an app that will enhance the productivity of your organizations employees, or a multimedia based app that aggregates content and streams it to your users, or even a contest based application for you to interact with your customers in your store, we can help you create a solution that will give your customers a cutting edge experience.

Whether you want to push data, use streaming media or GPS navigation, extend enterprise services, MOWEB is the right BlackBerry app developer company, which possesses development tools available for the BlackBerry platform to provide you with the APIs to develop powerful, full-featured applications.

Moweb Blackberry Application development services:

  • Content delivery applications
  • Internet based applications
  • Smartphone solutions
  • Game development services
  • Client/Server application
  • Business-to-consumer applications
  • Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry and vice versa
  • ERP applications
  • Wireless entertainment
  • Rich multimedia applications
  • Business intelligence applications
  • CRM applications
  • Wireless entertainment & gaming development applications
  • Business and marketing applications
  • E-commerce solutions
  • VoIP applications
  • Utility and communication application
  • BlackBerry wireless solution
  • BlackBerry Internet services
  • GPS integration
  • Third-party porting applications for location based services
  • Quality Analysis on multiple devices (Touch only, Keypad only, Both)
  • Assist in Blackberry AppWorld Approval
  • Cloud Hosting / Integration
  • 30 Days Warranty and Support
  • App Analytics Integration
  • BlackBerry Application Enhancements
  • Blackberry GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration
  • Porting Web App to Blackberry Platform
  • OS Version 4.5 and higher Compatible Blackberry Device Application

Our core capability in Blackberry applications and games development makes us a preferred choice for modern enterprises. Our expert developers have vast experience in building standalone applications and business-centric apps of high quality and scalability, irrespective of size and complexity of the project. We explore supreme potentials of Blackberry platform, leveraging native features and widgets to create cutting-edge mobile applications and games.

MOWEB assists with planning and executing projects successfully from inception to conclusion. Our developers have a thorough understanding of technologies that are essential for creating successful BlackBerry apps. We not only design and build your idea but also consult you all along the way.

With your vision and our expertise, we will create sophisticated solutions that convey the quality of your brand and satisfy your end users: apps for humans. It's what we do.

We have Blackberry application development expertise for below categories:

  • Internet based applications
  • 2D/ 3D Game applications
  • E-commerce and micro payment apps
  • Client/Server application
  • Rich multimedia applications
  • Business intelligence applications
  • Content delivery applications
  • ERP applications

Our transparent approach towards the development lifecycle empowers us to execute competent and effective Blackberry / J2ME based mobile applications that improvise the productivity of your business, leveraging quick turnaround time, qualitative parameters and cost-effective services.

To discuss how we can help you create your application, please contact us now.

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