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Facebook is by far the largest social networking website in the world with nearly a billion active users.

Facebook applications have become a powerful tool for enterprises to boost their social media strategy using Facebook platform and being present on Facebook means you are visible to millions of people at a negligible price.

Facebook, the biggest brand in social networking has made communicating with family, friends and associates so much easy and fun that it now has reserved a position for itself in the majority life of old and young, the beautiful and bold, the fast and furious. It is a social base for friends to chat, meet, play games as well as participate in personality tests, quizzes, obtain horoscope and lot more. It definitely has made an exciting globe where the globe comes to expend time in a more interesting and interactive manner. However, not just for entertainment, it also has proved to be very good for businesses, which wish to grab the attention of more numbers of consumers.

For a platform that witnesses 1.2 million picture upload every second and more than 25 billion pieces of content every month no business should let go of an opportunity of communicating with people online through it. It offers open invitation to the advertisers to come as well as take part to increase client database. Also it permits businesses to keep their clients informed via fan pages.

With all these incredible facts, Facebook ensues to be a profitable prospect regarding application development. Facebook application development has became a cash spinning trade and at the same time it also offers the inventive vent outs what developers look for since it offers a diverse range of choices to them for work on. Most importantly, Facebook offer an open forum regarding application development to create as well as port apps to the Facebook server. Such endeavour from the Facebook has allowed both entrepreneurs and users globally to intermingle with each other that never happened before. There are so many facebook applications available for the users to learn or play with.

MOWEB has the skills and experience to develop and maintain facebook applications and also support your growing application needs. Our developers possess good skills in Facebook developer's API, GRAPH, REST & FQL. These are some of the strategies for building facebook application for your business...

  • Product/service reviews which can be shared
  • Import Friends
  • Send Invitations to friends
  • Collection of data inputs from the users
  • Location based features
  • Promotion about products/service
  • Custom utility applications using facebook platform features

We are the leading as well as fastest growing Facebook Application Development Company who already has assisted major number of customers to take the greatest mileage of the Facebook. Our client has realized the benefit of our knowledge to create inventive Facebook apps. We also offer you with a comprehensive solution for designing, launching, developing, marketing as well as monetizing your app.

We are offering social media solution from a worldwide team of professional developers. Our innovative development procedures permit to develop a mobile application, Facebook application development, or offer Fan page development to assist you obtains the competitive edge. There is a diversity of Facebook apps that could be utilized to interact as well as engage with clients. Our Facebook app developers develop a wide array of renowned Facebook application. Our success stories with Facebook app development come from a sound understanding of the Facebook API, particularly the Open Graph API, OAuth 2.0 and FQL (Facebook Query Language), and the ability to apply that understanding to your specific Facebook marketing needs and goals.

We do this by employing:

  • Creative, Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Excellent sense of aesthetics and design
  • Keen eye for what's compliant with Facebook and Facebook's application guidelines' policy.
  • Finger on the pulse of your target audience on Facebook.

With our experience as Facebook apps developers, we know that deploying the app is only part of the battle. Therefore MOWEB offers continuous support in tracking your apps progress, troubleshooting problems as they arise and gathering usage data. Essentially, we know what we do, and we do it all the way. Whether you seek a custom Facebook page, custom Facebook application, game or tool our Facebook application developer team will deliver the best. Our creative development process allows us to create everything and helps you gain the competitive edge. We expertise in building applications that are easy to use, focused and interesting.

The marketing objectives of the clients are always kept in mind while designing your Facebook fan page or your business related applications. These types of digital marketing efforts will surely add to the glory of your web presence. We can also customize the Facebook applications according to your personal requirements. Our highly skilled and client friendly best Facebook application developers know their job very well which happens to be viral marketing at this time. There are many niches in which we have already showcased our talents, which are shopping, retail, educational consultancy and many others.

We can develop interesting Facebook applications such as viral marketing applications, Facebook games, quiz applications, surveys and gifting applications. This is just the tip of Iceberg! We are also successfully offering affordable offshore web solutions to a number of clients stationed in different geographical areas of world.

As a Facebook Application Development Company, we provide following services:

  • Facebook App Development
  • Facebook Game Development
  • Facebook Marketing & Promotion for Brand/Business
  • Facebook API Integration to a Web Application
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook Application Design
  • Facebook Widget Development
  • Facebook Fan page Development
  • Facebook Connect API
  • Social Plug-ins: Creating Plug-ins for your site to interact with Facebook
  • Facebook Consultancy: We develop systems and strategies for driving traffic, creating awareness, branding and increasing revenue of our clients through creating apps and campaigns which people wants to interact and share with
  • Facebook Fan Page: Designing and developing custom made applications for profile pages
  • Facebook Connect: Developing and enabling an interaction with Facebook users and your site

We aim at creating user-friendly applications for the users with our innovative ideas, which are at very reasonable prices. Our professional developers here at MOWEB understand that Facebook app designing is completely a separate affair and it is no way similar to mobile application or website development. We consider the below facts before proceeding to the actual process.

  • Facebook policies keep on changing regularly and our team remains updated with the same so that we don't violate any policies during the app development.
  • We are well-versed in adapting to the unpredictable changes Facebook makes in user interface.
  • We figure out the finest business model that shows justice to your Facebook goals.
  • We use latest features such as Open graph to help you seize better results.

Nothing leverages your brand like a well-designed and engaging Facebook app. There are 1.3 billion people on Facebook (and growing). Want to reach out to them? Simple: Get in touch with us!

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