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Phone Gap as the most flexible cross platform framework is fit for all platforms and devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Amazon Fire OS, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu and Tizen

Phone Gap is an open source flexible open source framework for quickly developing cross platform mobile apps using major web programming and design codes like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Building apps for diverse mobile devices and platforms the developers need to work with different frameworks every time they have a app development project in hand. In this respect Phone Gap as a cross platform flexible framework offer to bridge the gap between web applications and mobile platforms utilizing standardized APIs of web based programming languages for different mobile platforms.

PhoneGap App Development is the best option as it can let the customers get their app idea developed with no complexities. It supports development for various operating systems that range from Google Android, to Apple IOS, from Microsoft Windows Phone to RIM Blackberry or Nokia Symbian OS, LG Web OS or Tizen etc.

MOWEB has an expertise team of PhoneGap Apps Developer in developing a wide range of user-friendly mobile applications, which run on all devices with different OS like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. With our developers who are talented in crafting the best quality of application designs, customized applications helps in channelizing your needs in our work to get the best output. Building a great mobile application by developers has been a successful strategy witnessing the growing demand of smartphone mobiles and tablets. It supports multiple mobile devices running on the different operating systems, which are compatible with, cross-platform.

Our PhoneGap developers have vast industry experience and are trained in all aspects of PhoneGap development. PhoneGap provides developers access to the rich features for making mobile useful and interesting. The framework, PhoneGap provides the development of a range of apps. Our expert developers have experience in developing PhoneGap and they work as dedicated resources for your project from our state of the art offshore development facility in your preferred time zone. We pledge a very high level of commitment to all our PhoneGap web development projects. We develop apps for any industry you belong to.

Following aspects and features explain why Phone Gap as a framework is irreplaceable for cross platform mobile app development.

  • Wide range of standardized APIs to support almost all mobile functions including accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file geo-location, media, network, notifications and storage.
  • Cordova CLI, Embedded Web View and Plug-in interface are some of the most important developer friendly tools available with the framework.
  • Wide array of advanced development tools and plugins are available with the framework.
  • Lot of customization option for app's display with an array of splash screens and icons.
  • The easy to manage Command-line interface will allow you create, build and deploy easily and quickly.
  • With more than a million download and presently being in use by more than 400,000 developers worldwide you can expect great community support.
  • Developing app on one platform and running it on multiple platforms. You pay for one platform development and you get app running on all the platforms.
  • Increase your app presence by many folds.

Our PhoneGap developers are professional software app developers who have experience in coding or programming in any language you require.

  • Our team members have artistic proficiency in JavaScript, HTML 5 CSS technology etc.
  • We focus on all your PhoneGap requirements and let you receive the best PhoneGap app.
  • Get your work done from experts in Apache Cordova or other co-related PhoneGap development technologies.
  • Specialized developer teams for different mobile platforms and devices.
  • Years of experience in all kinds of apps development with Phone Gap framework.
  • Proficient in business optimized user friendly apps.
  • Persistent post project completion support

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