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Track & improve your blood lab results & other health data with graphics to achieve longevity.


  • Data on 60+ kinds of blood tests: Examples:
    • Glucose levels.
    • Total Cholesterol.
    • HDL Cholesterol.
    • Triglycerides.
    • And more…
  • Custom Health Data: you can customize the app to support your needs, such us:
    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure.
    • Waist measurements.
    • And more…
  • Graphics: Get a graphic for each kind of data entered.
  • Add/Edit/Delete tests: It allows you to change the data as needed.
  • Track it: You can just keep record of those health issues that are relevant for your health. For example you don’t have to track the total cholesterol, when you have a high glucose problem.
  • Partial graphics: It allows you to generate graphics of previous reports.
  • Add/Edit/Delete custom data: For all other health issues, not included, you can track them on the Manage section of the App, such as Weight, Blood Pressure, etc.
  • Suggestions: App will suggest to visit a doctor if a problem is encountered.

Purpose of App: Most people have some values on the blood tests out of range. To enhance longevity it is important to improve those values and keep them within a healthy range.

This app will show you a graphical way to track your progress, and help you research ways to improve those values using the web or simply by asking your physician.

A must have for those who love a healthy life.

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App screen
App screen

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