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Imagine driving down the highway at night and you notice the gas gauge is very low.

You are on vacation and have never been in this part of the state before. Looking at a passing sign you see that there are only two cities nearby. Your spouse pulls out the iPhone and launches Crime Stats. Within a few seconds you are able to pull up a side by side comparison of the crime statistics for the two cities. Smiling to each other, you drive past the nearest city and exit a few miles up the road to get fuel and snacks.

  • Have you ever been in an unfamiliar town and wondered how much crime occurs there?
  • Are you planning your vacation or business trip and need to figure out where to stay?
  • Are you on the freeway and need to stop for food, gas, or a bathroom break?
  • Are you a fascinated by statistics and like to compare various cities?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Crime Stats is the app for you! It will help you make better decisions for yourself and your family.

Crime Stats’ simple–to-use interface allows you to look up the crime statistics for cities within the United States. More importantly, the crime statistics are ranked in relation to the rest of the nation. This allows you to see how see how a city compares to the national average for each of the various crime categories. Categories are assigned a green, yellow or red notation depending if they are below the national average, above the national average, or significantly above the national average.

You can use the built in GPS in the iPhone to lookup your current location. Or, if you prefer, you can simply search the database of over 8,700 cities (works for both iPods and iPhones).

Best of all, you can compare the statistics of two cities side by side!

Features of Crime Stats:

  • Ranks each crime category according to the national average
  • Visual indicators allow you to quickly understand the rankings
  • Look up a city using your current location (iPhone GPS) or by searching by name (iPod & iPhone)
  • Search for cities even when no data connection is available (airplane, no cellular service, etc)
  • Compare two cities side by side on the screen so you can easily see the differences between each one

Advantages and Exclusive Features Not Found In Competing Apps

  • We are using the latest data released by the FBI
  • Compare the crime statistics for two cities side by side
  • Enhanced GPS functionality that is more accurate in locating your current location
  • We use a weighted population average so that you can do a like comparison between cities with very different populations
  • Extremely easy to use interface that only takes seconds to pull up information

Coming Soon:

  • Different languages will be considered upon request.
  • Additional features will be added based on requests from the user community

We are very attentive to your feedback/suggestions/comments, so be sure to use the feedback button in the app. Your input allows us to further enhance and develop new features for the program.

If you have questions, are confused, or just do not understand something, be sure to check out the FAQ in the app as it answers a majority of questions that people have.


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