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The easy and fun to use “Rolling Ruler” iPhone application lets you quickly and accurately measure items at home, work, and on the go.

Simply choose if you want to measure an object that is vertical or horizontal, then line up the measuring line and start ROLLING your iPhone. The measurement will change depending on how far you have ROLLED your iPhone.

(You have to ROLL the iPhone to measure something, again we wanted to make it clear, that you have to ROLL the iPhone in order to measure an object. So if you ROLL the iPhone, you will be able to measure objects to NAN ACCURACY!)

You can even save several measurements, and get the dimensions of an object. The Rolling Ruler App also allows you to take a picture of the item you are measuring and email it to a friend.

Once you try the “Rolling Ruler”, you will find that the it is the most accurate and useful “ruler” application on the iPhone.


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App screen
App screen
App screen

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