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The perfect app to prevent burglars and other nosy people from touching or stealing your phone, luggage and other belongings.

When you’r backpacking or traveling like a regular tourist, you often leave your phone and luggage unattended. Sometimes you’r charging your phone 20 meters from the place you’r sitting. In other situations you just leave your luggage or phone unattended. Maybe you are sleeping right next to it. With this app you can make sure that no one touches your phone or other belongings without letting you know. The phone will alarm if anyone moves it or unplugs the charger.

This app is especially great for backpackers who sleep in dorms. As a backpacker you are often worried about having you backpack, phone or wallet stolen while sleeping. Activate your alarm, put it into your back and you’ll have a good nights rest. If anyone touches your backpack, the alarm will go off.

Try it! It’s very useful

Top features :

  • Motion mode and charging mode
  • Alarm tone selection
  • 'Alarm delay’ option
  • ‘start alarm after’ option


App screen
App screen
App screen
App screen

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