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iFee 108 will charge a very short time, the engineering fees to construction costs.

Means entering a few parameters, the fees of the engineer is calculated.

The basis for price, the Swiss standard SIA 108, 2003 "Rules for Services and fees of mechanical and electrical engineers and the engineers for building installations". The corresponding standard is available at the following link: www.sia.ch.


The effort of the engineer for the basic benefits is at a specific ratio to the construction cost of the processed work. From this ratio, the appropriate average time spent in relation to the construction costs are determined.

Fundamental values ??for the calculation of the fee are:

the construction costs of all responsible handled by engineering components that statistically determined basic factors Z1 and Z2 for the hours of work, the level of difficulty, a possible correction factor, the scope of services to be provided (in%), the team factor (properties and composition of the audit team) the hourly average rate offered, special special services

Effort determining construction costs:

The expenditure-determining Construction cost includes all costs for the processed by engineer installations and equipment, net. The agreed discounts (excl. VAT.)

The basic factors for the hours of work are calculated for each subject individually to direct costs (including processing various fields). Individual areas of expertise are:

  • building installations: electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration installations
  • MSFD plants
  • in plants: Mechanical and electrical installations


The degree of difficulty into consideration the extent of the services required of the engineer, the presupposed knowledge and to be taken over responsibility. Choosing the difficulty level is based on Table SIA 108th

correction factor

The correction factor adjusts the fee for the basic benefits, these should be simplified or encumbered by special influences.

For example, by:

local influences, organizational influences, processing effort. Without agreement, the correction factor applies 1.0


The services are to be transmitted according to performance table SIA 108th The total fee for the basic benefits of the phases 3,4 and 5 corresponds to 100%.

Team Factor:

The hourly average rate is calculated as the average hourly rates offered, from the office manager up to the interns. An example for the calculation of the average hourly rate can be found at the following link: http://www.archobau.ch.

Special power factor:

The special power factor increases the salary of the engineer For example for the following reasons: The working set for special skills. The work involves great responsibility. The works provide great economic benefits for the client.


German, English, French, Italian


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later


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