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We created an All-in-one Resort Management platform, carefully designed to make resort operations smoother and more profitable, providing guests with a seamless experience.

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About Project

We developed a robust and comprehensive hospitality management software solution to streamline all their operational activities for managing the resort. We were required to build an end-to-end software solution for managing inventories, pricing, online and over the desk booking, guest management, restaurant management, accounting and financial management, promotions and discounts and pretty much everything in between.


Key Challenges

In developing this robust hotel and resort management software, our team encountered the following challenges.

We needed comprehensive visuals of all rooms along with the facilities to integrate with the software.

Another challenge was the relatively slower processing of online booking requests taking well over 5 minutes.

The site required a faster check-in system to streamline and update customer data easily.

Provide a streamlined dining, checkout and billing process without missing any particular aspect due to human errors.

The booking system of the resort also lacked syncing information between the online and offline interface resulting often in overbooking.

There was no comprehensive reporting system to showcase all data corresponding to occupancy, booking, dinn8ng and food billing, financial and accounting aspects, etc.

There was a lack of comprehensive inventory management resulting in non-synced inventory data across multiple entries in Tally and Excel.

There was no comprehensive mechanism to provide a real-time and detailed view of the operational and business data for the resort management to check and base their decisions upon.

We required a listing mechanism to ensure privileges of stakeholders as well as trust and committee members.

We needed a specific coupon module for the admin to provide discounts and benefits to certain members as suitable.

We required a mechanism to hike tariffs in high-demand seasons with specific duration.

Our Solutions

Our team by building the end-to-end hotel management software for Navdeep Resort provided the following solutions.

The software accommodated the specific visuals representing the rooms and all resort facilities along with detailed information for the guests.

The online booking process timing was brought down to just 2 minutes and all financial transactions from the customer-end can be completed within just seconds.

We created a streamlined check-in system that does away with the need of manual registration and filling up of data.

The software streamlined the checkout process with an integrated billing process for the dining and restaurant services.

The resort staff now have an integrated booking process covering both online and offline booking.

We created a comprehensive reporting system providing all information regarding occupancy, booking, dining and food billing, financial and accounting aspects, etc.

The software provided a comprehensive inventory management tool to automatically streamline and update all inventory information in one place.

The software came with an easily accessible Management Dashboard to provide real-time access to all operational, financial, accounting and sales data within a single view.

We created a particular listing mechanism with all predetermined privileges for the stakeholders, trust and committee members.

The new web platform comes now with a coupon module for the admin to generate coupons for their members as and when suitable.

Now we created a mechanism to hike tariffs for fixed duration during high-demand seasons.

Web & Mobile App Features

Software Features

For the online resort management system we developed for Navdeep Resort, we built the following features.

Catalogue of rooms & facilities

Fast online booking system

Automatic check-in system

Integrated dining and checkout billing

Integrated online & offline booking

Comprehensive report management system

Automated inventory management and update

Management Dashboard

A privilege booking system

A coupon module

Seasonal and adjustable tariff hike mechanism

Automatic GST-deducted bill processing and GST implementation

Value Propositions

The software we created for the Navdeep Resort offers the following value propositions.

Comprehensive and transparent access to information for all customers to have a detailed idea about the rooms and resort facilities.

Fast-paced and smooth payment processing resulting in higher booking rates and business conversion.

Streamlined check-in, checkout and billing ensure no loss of revenue and higher transparency.

Integrated and streamlined booking process offering real-time information on booking and occupancy status.

Automated inventory data upload resulting in smooth operation.

Taking management decisions becomes easier through single-window dashboard access to all business information.


Technology Stack

The technology stack we used for these software project includes the following technologies.












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