On-demand Cleaning Booking Services Platform

We crafted an amazing On-demand cleaning booking services platform for a startup. Our solution connects homeowners with trusted professional cleaners, transforming the way cleaning is done.

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About Project

CleanNow is a home cleaning startup based in Edmonton, Canada. Our network of over 5,000 cleaning entrepreneurs across Canada means we can provide on-demand service to your neighborhood. Our verified cleaners are experts in domestic, public, and commercial buildings cleaning. And they have staff that is fully insured, contract bound and have undergone complete CleanNow training program.


Key Challenges

CleanNow identified the fact that people had no time to indulge in executing the daily house/commercial cleaning chores as they were preoccupied with other more important tasks. The people were facing challenges with getting cleaning services done with a reputed experienced professional. Hence, our client -CleanNow was looking forward to offering professional cleaners who can help their customers with their cleaning requirement.

Our Solutions

We at Moweb, initially had an extensive brainstorming session with our client CleanNow to understand their business model and requirements. Based on our discussion, we developed CleanNow app which makes residential and commercial cleaning services quick, reliable, and affordable. Our team basically developed two applications – one for CleanNow's customer and another one for their cleaners. The range it covers is from 500 sq feet to 10,000 sq feet.

The application we developed helped customers to review the status of the cleaners and book the cleaning service for the commercial, public, as well as domestic properties. Customers can see real-time location of the cleaner(s) and if the services are delayed they can change the cleaners accordingly. They can schedule cleaning on regular basis on a specific date for recurring services. Also, multiple locations can be added for cleaning by the customer, similarly multiple booking options are available. Besides, prefilled details will be saved and the customer can edit the details when needed.

Moreover, the mobile application enables cleaners to get an easy and quick route to customer's place via Google Maps integrated into the app. Cleaners app has an option to give due priority to customer's on-demand request. Any change that a cleaner makes such as adding an additional job or extra rooms will only be applicable when approved by the customer. The cleaner can also choose an assistant from the list of verified background checked cleaners.

Web & Mobile App Features

Some of the extraordinary features of CleanNow

For Customer

Effortless registration

Select & view cleaner's information -expertise, experience, and skills

Option to book more than one cleaner one time in a day

Option to cancel or reschedule a booking

Push notifications

Secure payment by Stripe

Zip code for service availability

Google maps integration for GPS tracking

Option to increase the cleaning time and jobs

View cleaning history

Review & rating option available

For Cleaner

Option to accept or reject a booking

Select from a list of jobs

Notifications for information about the order

View customer's details after accepting the booking request

Option to end the timer when cleaning ends

Update profile information

View Current, Past and Pending Orders

View invoices

Web & Mobile App Features
Web & Mobile App Features

Customer Management

Add and delete all details

Active and Inactive customer

Cleaning Service Management

Register cleaner

Approve or reject cleaner's profile as per cleaner's ability

Booking Management

Manage cleaner of the nearby area as per customer's instant booking.

Send notification when cleaner accept customer's request

Manage Start & End time for work

Send a notification to the customer's phone when cleaner start works and end work

Send notification when in the nearby area any cleaner available with distance.

Value Propositions

The mobile app we created for CleanNow offered the following value propositions.

Easy booking & scheduling

Seamless payment integration

On-demand cleaning service on fingertips

Separate apps offering for customer and cleaner

Instant booking management

Increases brand value and customer loyalty



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