How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Custom Taxi App Like Uber, Ola, Lyft?

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With the introduction of e-hailing taxi applications such as Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc. taxi services have been one of the revolutionary innovations of the transportation sector. In this day and age, the taxi market is an extremely competitive industry. And to surpass this competition, all you need is a feature-rich taxi apps built by a leading mobile app development company like Moweb. Just like the leading brand Uber, a lot of businesses have initiated to invest in ridesharing app development by espousing a similar business strategy to receive a higher ROI.

on-demand taxi booking

Why is an on-demand taxi booking mobile app preferred over the offline booking?

Some of the common reasons that have significantly attracted customers to prefer online taxi booking over the offline booking are the convenience that taxi booking mobile applications offers, due to which there is a drastic increase in usage of internet and smartphones by people, all over the world. Moreover, real-time information, like pre-estimated ride fare, contact number of the driver, details of the vehicle, tracking the drivers location and more are easily available within an app quickly which attracts more customers toward the online booking option.

Several big operators, like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Ola, and more also provide ridesharing alternative (fare gets divided among co-passengers) in their apps in some regions. This facility has captured the rising demand for low taxi fare services, among the customers. To withstand the increasing trend of ridesharing service, local taxi operators have started adopting a similar strategy, and they too are trying to offer ridesharing option in their respective custom on-demand taxi app development.

Another major reason why customers do not wish to travel in their car or bike is the problem of parking space. With the growing population in cities, it is becoming challenging for people to park their vehicle when they are out for a ride to the town. Hence, they choose to download a taxi booking app and book a ride instead of their vehicle.

Add-On Features in Customers App

Book now ride late

Car Pooling

Favourite destinations

Smart wallet

Split charges

Inbuilt Messenger

Voice Recognition

Add-On Features in Drivers App

Online support

Rate customers

on-demand taxi booking

Why Is The Admin Dashboard, Reporting, And Analytics Important?

The service providers can have access to a web-based software which can have a responsive mobile and tablet interface. The Admin Dashboard analyses reports and presents the stored database to manage override passengers and drivers’ activities.

The dashboard gives a glimpse of the processes that deliver the coordination of drivers and trips and manages all financial issues. Also, it can be integrated into the third-party analytics tool for monitoring marketing activities.

Generally, the admin dashboard is needless in the on-demand taxi booking model, however, needed occasionally to evaluate the entire operation closely. It is just like the CPU of your PC, you might not even bother to look at it but it is essential to run the whole procedure.

How Much The Taxi Clone App Will Cost Finally?

Actually, the fact is that it is very difficult to provide an accurate quote for developing a mobile taxi app. It depends on what technological platform, framework, and features you choose to include in your application. Do not forget that you will have to build two separate apps; one for the driver and another for the user. According to Moweb, the prime factors to consider when developing your taxi mobile app are as follows:

on-demand taxi booking

Mobile Platform - Android or iOS

on-demand taxi booking

Hybrid or Native App

on-demand taxi booking

The Design of the UI & UX

on-demand taxi booking

Web Development

on-demand taxi booking

The Backend Development

on-demand taxi booking

Adding the Security Features

on-demand taxi booking

Project Management

on-demand taxi booking

QA and Maintenance

Why Choose Moweb for Your White Label Taxi Booking App Development?

Moweb is an expert white label taxi app development services provider offering cross-platform app (iOS & Android) for cab aggregation or a delivery business. If you are looking for an app just like Ola, Lyft, or Uber, then Moweb provides customized and comprehensive approach to know about their carpooling app needs.


Least development time and yet, a fully customized solution


The best technical support that is within your financial plan


Domain knowledge as well as expertise of more than a decade

To Conclude

It is also crucial for you to keep in mind your financial budget, several modules, functionalities, and features if you wish to develop uber clone app. Also, the cost of developing taxi app would vary according to the ridesharing app development company you hire and their expertise. So, if are you looking for a leading taxi app development service provider to develop an application like UBER/Ola/Lyft, then talk to the Moweb experts today!

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