Project Overview

BestEmployees is a major career enhancing breakthrough app for customer facing Sales & Service employees. BestEmployees enables customer facing employees to gather invaluable customer feedback data on their own skills from every customer they serve.

The employees own this data and may continue to gather customer feedback even when they change jobs. Employees can then leverage this undisputable data as a proof of their customer management skills proven over period of time and across many customers, and possibly several companies, to advance their career in their current jobs or in finding new jobs.

Businesses may promote use of BestEmployees by their customer facing employees and promote their ownership of customers to improve customer satisfaction almost instantly.

BestEmployees is one more way for customers to recognize deserving customer facing employees with their insightful and confidential feedback. Customers may also benefit from speedier improvements in areas directly influenced by the front-line employees.

Customers can either download the app on their smartphone or tablet or use employee's device to provide feedback. I t takes only a minute of their time to give feedback. It's free to give feedback always. BestEmployees only provides analysis of accumulated feedback to the employees and never discloses feedback from any one customer.

Please sign up now and get ready to put your career in higher gears.


Technology Stack

CodeIgniter iOS Objective C Native Android MySQL



Swastik Cross Roads, C. G. Road, Ahmedabad.

+91 840 999 9995


245 Kenton Lane, Harrow,

+44 (203) 286 5989


11 Blanche St, Secaucus,
New Jersey (NJ) 07094

+1 (201) 984 7579

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