Project Overview

The goal of Stych is to give you the first platform for Recording and Stitching your moments, one to the next to create your VIFE (Video of Life). Stych app works on iPhone and iPad devices, and one can use both, Selfie or standard landscape video recording with flash function. One can title / tag the each moment they are stitching to their Vife. After recording and tapping stitch you will receive a notification that your VIFE has been updated. This is done to save you time. Individual titled recordings within your VIFE can be viewed on website. Download the Stych App now to Start your VIFE.

App Store


Technology Stack

CodeIgniter iOS Swift MySQL SQLite



Swastik Cross Roads, C. G. Road, Ahmedabad.

+91 840 999 9995


245 Kenton Lane, Harrow,

+44 (203) 286 5989


11 Blanche St, Secaucus,
New Jersey (NJ) 07094

+1 (201) 984 7579

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