5 Mobile App Performance Testing Misconceptions Demystified

30 Aug 2021

5 Mobile App Performance Testing Misconceptions Demystified

In this era, it is indispensable for each and every business to have its high-performing mobile application (iOS or Android) that helps them survive in the cutthroat competitive market. With the increasing usage of mobile internet and customer expectations, it is very important that your business mobile application undergoes mobile performance testing. If your mobile app fails to perform well, the end-user will uninstall your app look for another application that performs better. Thus, your mobile application needs to be tested comprehensively before releasing it to end-users.

Whether you are an internet-based business or you have a brick-and-mortar store, the necessity to go mobile is greater than ever. The process of launching a mobile application into the market, the requirements, drivers, and business goals are usually quite different from the traditional modern desktop and web-based applications and so are the challenges faced.

Organizations must have mobile application performance management tools and methods available to ensure application performance in real, live environments. Very important of all, testing application performance should be instigated at the earliest in the application development lifecycle to eliminate poor performance and ensure user customer retention.

Building a high-performing mobile application brings unique challenges from building a traditional or web application. It is yet significant to write clean, accurate, and highly optimized code, however, there are a variety of new performance issues that mobile apps bring. Moreover, when we talk about mobile application testing, there are several myths that a lot of novices.


Some of The Most Common Myths of Mobile Application Performance Testing You Must Know

1. Testing mobile applications performance is not possible

Some people believe that there is no physical method to test mobile application performance. Although it is an uphill battle to test mobile apps, it is unquestionably not impossible. There are several ways to skilfully test mobile applications using a wide range of network conditions. A lot of companies offer up-to-date technological services for mobile app performance testing. Prior to launching your mobile app, ensure that you partner with this kind of mobile app development companies and get your app tested.

2. Back-end system and mobile traffic has no connection

Although you do not play a big role in mobile networks, testing your app’s performance during high traffic or moderate traffic is quite essential. This can bring down your system and collapse your infrastructure if your app performance isn’t tested against the traffic.

3. Performance and functionality test are like peas in a pod

Another unreasonable theory about mobile software performance testing is that you don’t need to test performance if you have tested the functionality. Nevertheless, getting the app working and getting the app working successfully are totally different things. Your app is big failure if your app fails to perform speedily and the user has to wait more than 5 seconds.

4. Post-production mobile application testing

Many developers believe in testing their mobile applications after production. As per their opinion, it gives them real understanding. On the other hand, in the real world, there are challenges such as failure to determine network conditions, identify the root cause of the issue and incompetence to reproduce a similar situation. Also, the usability can be affected if the testing is during peak hours, and you might not get the actual result if the testing is done in non-peak hours.

5. Testing is laborious and gives low ROI

Testing can be time-consuming and can result in a reduced return on the investment just as any catastrophe readiness exercise. The mobile application performance testing is certainly less expensive than the cost of owning an unsuccessful application. You can decrease the time taken for mobile app performance testing and other costs linked with it if you keep on carrying out performance testing of the app during the development of applications.

The final say

All things considered, mobile application performance testing is a vital aspect if you want a successful business. Do not trust the myths of mobile application testing and get your apps tested from the early development stages. It is equally necessary for you to make sure that your app functions seamlessly, performs swiftly and works under all circumstances.