5 Best Front-End Frameworks of 2023

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22 December, 2022
5 Best Front-End Frameworks of 2023

Front-end frameworks are a stepping stone for the success of any application. But, with multiple frameworks ruling in the market, it becomes hard to choose the best one to build a high-ranking and visually appealing user experience for your business. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of frameworks to help you design a seamless user experience in 2023.


When it comes to building a unique, complex, scalable yet interactive web application for your business, front-end frameworks are the most relied-on tools for the majority of the part. No matter whether your web app development involves complex features and operations, what the user sees and functions needs to be seamless – And this is the basic principle followed by top-notch companies including Instagram, Netflix, and Facebook.

Consider any of the above web apps and you’ll notice a pleasant look and feel along with easy-to-use features and functionalities – And all heavily depends on front-end technologies being incorporated in the application. In this post, we have highlighted some of the most popular front-end frameworks along with how you can use these frameworks in your project.

So, Let’s Get Started

What is a front-end framework?

Front-end frameworks which are also referred to as “CSS frameworks” are a bundle of packages including pre-written standardized code wrapped inside files and folders. Typically, these frameworks act as a building block of a web or mobile app along with leveraging flexibility with the app design.

It consists of components including:

  1. A grid system that simplifies and organizes the design elements of your website.
  2. It consists of a pre-defined font style and size that varies as per the app function since each function has different typography for headings, etc.
  3. Some pre-built website components include buttons, navigation bars, and side panels to ease the development process.

Top Front-End JavaScript Frameworks for web development in 2023

1) React

Developed by Facebook, React is an open-source framework that stands out because of its virtual document object model (DOM) which offers exceptional functionality.

top apps build with react

What makes React the best JavaScript front-end framework?

React.js is one of the best front-end frameworks to build applications that anticipate high traffic which needs a stable platform to handle it.

Top Features of React:

  • Easy to collaborate and reuse the components in other parts of the application.
  • The virtual DOM makes application performance seamless and consistent.
  • Advanced and useful React development tools.
  • Easy to learn and write components without classes.

When should you use React?

  • React is highly recommended to build interfaces, especially in cases when you’re planning to build single-page apps.
  • It is one of the most robust options in cases when you want to reuse existing components to develop a highly interactive interface within a limited time.

Top Applications Built using React

With its ever-increasing popularity, React is certainly the first choice for front-end development companies to build apps including:

  • Myntra
  • Airbnb
  • UberEats
  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg

How about community support?

Having innumerable users and audiences along with holding rich expertise in single-page applications, React.js has a large user community that provides multiple tools to build cross-platform mobile apps. So, if you’re a developer who is fighting hard to resolve code bugs and errors, the Stack overflow community can help to quickly wrap up with development.

2) VueJS

Vue is an open-source simple framework used to build interactive interfaces along with single-page applications.

Being a versatile framework, Vue is highly used to build simple and complex apps that can handle both simple and dynamic processes with ease and simplicity.

top apps build with VueJS

What makes Vue.js the best JavaScript front-end framework?

Vue.js is the best front-end framework to be considered if you want to optimize your app performance and build an app from scratch.

Top Features of Vue.js

  • Vue comes with a simple syntax. Front-end developers with javascript backgrounds find it easy to get started with Vuejs.
  • This framework is extensive and is documented in detail.
  • It is highly flexible to design the app structure.
  • Supports Typescript.

When to use Vue?

  • VueJS is highly recommended to build flexible design structures and so if you’re looking to design everything from scratch, VueJs is the best option to build giant projects.
  • If your think you’ll receive huge community support at times when you’re stuck then VueJs is not an ideal framework to be considered.

Top Applications built using Vuejs

In the past few years, Vuejs has constantly gained popularity and is adopted by several giants including:

  • Xiaomi
  • Alibaba
  • 9gag
  • Ride Receipts
  • Reuters

How about community support?

As far as community support is concerned, the Vue.js official website offers a dedicated query-resolving page where experienced front-end developers talk about the latest tools and methods to build apps with Vue.js and share their knowledge to help resolve any queries or bugs.

3) Angular

Developed by Google, Angular is a Typescript framework that bridges the gap between conventional concepts and increasing technological demands.

The framework has a two-way binding feature that establishes real-time synchronization between the view and models in a way that any changes done in the model are reflected instantly in the view and vice versa.

top apps build with Angular

What makes Angular the best JavaScript front-end framework?

If your application requires dynamic binding where instant updates need to be reflected, in such cases, Angular is the best framework to build a front-end interface.

Top features of Angular

  • Its dependency injection makes it easy for senior front-end developers to reuse components efficiently.
  • Two-way binding feature to instantly update real-time changes in the model to view and vice-versa.
  • Decoupling of the components from dependencies by defining them as external elements.
  • Huge community support.

When to use Angular?

If you’re looking forward to developing an enterprise-grade application or dynamic web app, AngularJS development is the best option to go for. It will enhance the performance of the app by dynamically updating the content using two-way data binding.

Top Applications created using Angular

  • PayPal
  • Lego
  • Netflix
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

How about community support?

Though Angular is not a new-fangled framework, still it is getting more popular across innumerable developers that are highly reliant on this framework to build dynamic applications. It provides multiple third-party tools and resources to developers so as to stay ahead with the latest updates of Angular offerings.

4) EmberJS

Emberjs is a component-based framework offering two-way data binding to meet the increasing demand of modern-day technologies. With Emberjs, you can develop simple and complex web and mobile apps and can expect its efficient architecture to handle requests and queries.

top apps build with EmberJS

Top Features of EmberJS

  • Two-way Data binding similar to Angular
  • Proper and detailed documentation
  • It is well-organized and the fastest framework

When to use Emberjs?

  • If you are looking forward to building a modern and high-end app like LinkedIn with a rich user interface, Emberjs is the best framework with excellent routing and front-end capabilities like seeing a wide range of app states.
  • It acts as a complete front-end suite to build large-scale projects since it has ready configurations, custom page rendering properties, and two-way binding.

Top Applications built using Emberjs

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • Square
  • Intercom

How about community support?

Ember.js’ official website has a community section where developers post their queries and multiple meetups happen at the global level where developers collaborate and work together to resolve the ember.js queries.

5) jQuery

jQuery is one of the oldest frameworks that offers cross-browser support that minimizes the need to write extensive JavaScript codes.

jQuery is used to manipulate CSS and DOM along with optimizing the interactivity and functionality of a website.

top apps build with jQuery

Top Features of jQuery

  • It facilitates Dynamic content
  • Adding or removing the elements is simplified with DOM
  • Sending HTTP requests is highly simplified with jQuery

When to use jQuery?

One can use jQuery to build a desktop-based application. It not only keeps the code simple and precise but also handles animations well.

Top Apps built using jQuery

Below are a few companies that have empowered their website with jQuery:

  • SlideShare
  • OpenTable
  • Disney World
  • Dodge
  • Twitter

How about community support?

jQuery has huge community support that makes it easy for developers to collaborate and interact with each other to resolve queries.


Front-end frameworks are constantly evolving each year. With multiple options available, it becomes a daunting task to choose the one for your app development. However, to select the appropriate framework for your web development, we’d suggest taking insights from your front-end and back-end developer who can gauge the pros and cons of the framework and suggest the best one to design your project from scratch.

Still thinking, about which framework to select?

Choosing an appropriate front-end framework requires in-depth technical knowledge and expertise. Our expert Front-end developers will help you to create a head-turning business app with the best framework as per your business requirements.

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