A Hidden Guide on Laravel Development Services – Decoding Unknown Facts!

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19 November, 2021
A Hidden Guide on Laravel Development Services – Decoding Unknown Facts!

Choosing the right web development framework to build an interactive and robust website is quite a daunting task especially with multiple superlative options onscreen. Speed, robustness yet flexibility is some of the primary parameters to gauge while choosing the framework.

In this quickly evolving technological sector, the Laravel framework has established itself as a top framework to build a unique web app in the past few years. It offers rich and elegant features that cover all the major aspects of everyday use cases. With such excellent Laravel developer tools, it has stacked itself as the top open-source PHP framework that anyone can download and use.

So, if you’re looking forward to creating an interactive web solution that enhances your user experience and handles massive user traffic, Laravel is the ultimate choice!

“One of the prominent reasons that make Laravel stand out of the crowd is its structure which supports Rapid application development and fluent syntax.”

In this post, we’ve covered the hidden and unexplored features of Laravel development, what are the latest Laravel development trends, and what the future of Laravel holds in the upcoming days.

Why the Laravel framework is widely accepted by Web Community?

  1. Business Development
    PHP web frameworks are the most powerful tools for building web applications since they emphasize the MVC architecture development process. It keeps itself maintained as the best PHP framework because of its functionality, simplicity, and clarity. Withholding a robust caching system that stores numerous cached items, helps in prompt Laravel application development.

    Its flawless syntax and best coding practices reduce the development time and thus make it most suitable for custom business application development.
  2. Top-notch Security
    Laravel offers plenty of security features that allow you to reduce vulnerability and thus make the application stronger. It integrates a valid token from a form or AJAX call and thus eliminates the risk of getting attacked.

Some Interesting Facts about Laravel

Before digging deep into how Laravel development services can help businesses grow, you might want to look at some interesting facts about the Laravel framework.

The popularity of this framework can be justified with the fact that alone in the USA, there are more than 10 lacs plus Laravel powered website. Among these, 601,592 websites are currently live and around 6 lacs sites have implemented this technology previously.

How fascinating, isn’t it!

Let’s find out which top verticals are empowering their business with the Laravel framework.

Industries where Laravel is being used

Let’s have an eye over some top countries where Laravel based websites are in huge demand.

Leading Countries where laravel is in demand

Laravel is the most popular technology acclaim for the “entire internet in web app” category. Being highly customizable, it is widely utilized in a wide area of companies for business development.

Laravel Development Trends That Can Help Business Grow in 2022 and beyond

Below are a few Laravel trends that are widely adopted and implemented by businesses and enterprises globally.

  • PHP Development Outsourcing
    PHP development outsourcing is surely going to top the list in Laravel trends 2022. Whenever you visit any flawless website, 90% of it is developed using PHP. A lot of web development frameworks do not support PHP outsourcing but with Laravel, you stay at rest. It makes PHP outsourcing easier and thus saves a lot of time and money.
  • Laravel Library
    Laravel aims to make your lookout from the tedious routine like authentication, caching, sessions, and routing.  With its purpose-oriented library, it provides a wide range of pre-written codes that makes the development environment faster to build dynamic apps.
  • Hashed Text
    With hashing, a string of characters can be translated into a key (readable format) that represents the original string. With this, all your private information and passwords are protected and stored in readable text form.
  • Internet of Things
    IoT is the trendiest and most fascinating thing in the Laravel community. A hardware platform like Arduino is more flexible and language agnostic, which supports PHP and matches with other hardware. Plenty of companies and enterprises have started recognizing the strength Laravel is coming up with blending IoT solutions.
  • Laracasts
    Laracasts is the best platform to learn and understand how to develop websites using Laravel from scratch. The large community of Laracasts is always at your back to help you to solve all queries when something goes wrong.

Some Eloquent Features That Gives Laravel an Edge over Its Competitors

Below are some of the top Laravel web development features that give an edge over its competitors:

  • Laravel Packages – This framework autonomously installs new Laravel packages whenever any updates are received.
  • Simplified Coding – The Blade template engine simplifies coding.
  • Routing System – The framework allows PHP Laravel developers to choose routes and application triggers.
  • Swift Time to Market – The Laravel framework efficiently streamlines the rapid development process with MVC architecture that enables a smooth time to market.

Laravel 8: The Second Hot-favourite update of 2020

Laravel 8 is out with more advanced features including time testing, migration squashing, Laravel Jetstream, and more. Let’s get to know these features in detail.

1) Laravel Jetstream
The actual Laravel UI scaffolding is now improvised in Laravel 8. It is the most dominant feature that’s executed whenever you’re starting any new project.  It provides a beginning point of your project where it introduces you to registration, two-factor authentication, login, and team management.

2) Models Directory
Laravel 8’s app structure consists of an “app/model” directory. All generator commands consider that model exists in the “app/model” directory and if it’s not located then the framework by default assumes that the app retains the model within the “app/folder”.

3) Model Factory Classes
In Laravel 8, the new model factories are based on class with improved support for relationships between factories.

The syntax for creating records with model factories

use App\Models\User;
// using a model state "suspended" defined within the factory class User::factory()->count(5)->suspended()->create();

4) Migration Squashing
Squashing multiple migration files into a single SQL unit is migration squashing. These squashed files will be executed first and the remaining files won’t be a part of the squashed scheme file. This process improves running test performance the decreases the migration file bloat.

5) Improved Rate Limiting
With the upgrade in the Laravel version, there is an expansion in limiting functionality while supporting backward compatibility that offers more flexibility.

use Illuminate\Cache\RateLimiting\Limit;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\RateLimiter;
RateLimiter::for('global', function (Request $request) {
return Limit::perMinute(1000); });

6) Time Testing Helpers
Till now, you enjoyed working with the control over time modification feature by implementing the Carbon PHP library. With Laravel 8, you’re one step closer to providing the convenient test helpers for manipulating the time within tests:

// Travel into the future...
// Travel into the past...

// Travel to an exact time...

// Return back to the present time...

7) Dynamic Blade Components
If you want to render a blade component dynamically at the runtime, Laravel 8 provides the below syntax;

<x-dynamic-component :component="$componentName" class="mt-4" />

Top Websites Built Using Laravel Framework

Multiple businesses and enterprises across the world have accepted the Laravel framework. Below are some of the leading websites powered by the leading PHP framework:

  • Deltanet Travel – One of the most renowned destination management websites that manage tourist services in Greece.
  • Neighborhood Lender – It is a finance website that deals in loans. It has a mortgage calculator showcasing a wide range of functionality.
  • My Rank – It’s an online learning website for India which excellently flaunts the versatility of the Laravel framework.
  • World Walking – This website encourages people to walk more and stay healthy. It has multiple features for its smartphone app.
  • Laravel Snippets – Whether you need any inspiration or want to simply brush up some coding snippets, the Laravel Snippets website will help you in all situations.

What’s the future of Laravel Development Services in 2021?

Laravel web development remains high in demand due to its simplicity, clarity of codes, and unbeatable functionality. The global developer community supports Laravel since it imposes a high coding experience involving lesser development time to build non-redundant codes in apps.

Be it simple, complex, or multi-facet applications, it is embraced for all kinds of web-related projects for various types of businesses, companies, and industries. With the recent update of Laravel 8, it continues to evolve which makes it “in-demand” across the globe. Handling tons of traffic synchronously, it is the first-rate choice of a business to manage business operations. Laravel enables its community to prosper for many more years to come.


The future of the Laravel framework is bright in the upcoming days due to its robust features and MVC development approach. Many top-shot companies are approaching Laravel web development to build powerful applications. More than 70% of the developers are willing to use Laravel in the future. So, if you’re looking to build a rich-featured, scalable, and advanced website for your business, hire Laravel web developers from Moweb to develop customized applications at the best price.


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