Laravel vs CodeIgniter – A Dilemma for Businesses Worldwide

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30 November, 2021
Laravel vs CodeIgniter  – A Dilemma for Businesses Worldwide

“Laravel vs CodeIgniter” which one to choose for your business?

As humans, we all are greedy to some or the other extent. We want to make the most of everything. And this is why; choosing one option over the other is a difficult task to accomplish. If you own a business, you want to make the most of the technologies at your disposal to ensure your company’s products and services reach the maximum amount of people. For fulfilling the task at your hand, you’ll have to do the research of finding “the most preferred framework.” At the completion of your research, you will end up with PHP. As soon as you reach that step, the most important decision you’d have to make is to choose from two of the topmost PHP frameworks that are handy, Laravel and CodeIgniter.

As a businessperson, just like any other human, you cannot have it all! You need to choose from the smooth database migration offering Laravel vs test-driven development enabling CodeIgniter. You need to choose between a simplified email integration system offering Laravel as opposed to a user-friendly interface providing CodeIgniter. Or vice versa. Depending on the scale and type of business you own. A hybrid framework comprising of pros and cons of Laravel and CodeIgniter pros and cons is yet to be invented!

Difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter in various contexts

Web or application development is a mandatory asset for a business to have in today’s world. And regardless of whether you hire Laravel developers or hire CodeIgniter developers, your business will be developed in a PHP framework – a simplified way of web application maintenance and speedy as well as customizable way of web application development.

We’ve identified six parameters, to judge Laravel and CodeIgniter. Going through them will give you the insight to build hindsight for your business.

Security: Laravel web development provides you security at all levels. Passwords are not stored in text form, they are encrypted in data. You are safe even while accessing paid resources. Laravel has a separate authentication library for improving security. CodeIgniter web development allows for complex security structures such as payment gateways. Plugins and customizations offered by CodeIgniter make it a very safe choice, especially for e-commerce websites. Various encryption and decryption features make CodeIgniter a reliable platform for web and app development.

Customization: CodeIgniter developers have a huge advantage over Laravel developers when it comes to web and app development for a business. Without wasting a lot of time, CodeIgniter lets you customize a website or application according to your business needs. It is a tried and tested platform for instant error fixing and configuring the files in a simple form. Compared to CodeIgniter, Laravel offers lesser customization for web and app development. However, there are more varieties of fixed code structures in Laravel.

Speedy Creation: Ready-made templates available on Laravel speed up the entire cycle of web and app development. All of these templates can be integrated with mail services, supports subscription billing services, and are updated to the latest PHP functions. Not only does the laconic nature of code speeds up the development process, but also simplifies the complete project. The other factor that also contributes to lessening the time for development with Laravel is its eloquent ORM i.e. Object-Relational Mapper. There is no such facility available in CodeIgniter which means, there are no speed-ups.

Database Migration: There is a minimal amount of risk involved while expanding your database using Laravel. It has a built-in database migration mechanism that even lets you accelerate database synchronization without much inconvenience. Moving on to CodeIgniter, database migration from one server to the other is not only done with minimum to the point of being a negligible hassle but also well supported. It doesn’t matter whether your data was three days old or three years, you can shift it anytime using this platform. And if, while doing so, you face any kind of an issue, you are always open to support from the vast community network consisting of professionals.

Updates: If your web and/or app development is done using Laravel, you will have to face some problems after undergoing an update. In fact, this is one of the major disadvantages of Laravel where experts criticize it. However, if your business has a good programmer who is fast enough to respond to the updates and has sufficient experience, there’ll be little in terms of problems that you’ll face. There are no such complications while working with CodeIgniter.

Organized structure: As a software developer, you can create links to named routes using Laravel. So, URL routing which is a very important parameter to have in a web application is allowed in Laravel. By doing so, your users will be easily able to find the right content or page that they are looking for. Laravel has a reliable structure with a syntax that is not only logical but also concise. CodeIgniter rates at the least a little less organized than Laravel, because it’s not as classified and categorized.


After going through all the technicalities of both the PHP frameworks some facts can be deduced. Laravel is to be preferred for building engaging websites with lucrative content for your business. Whereas, CodeIgniter is ideal for applications with user-friendly interfaces. The former is to be favored if your business is new or growing. The latter should be chosen for established businesses. Using CodeIgniter you can develop a web application with minimal coding. Laravel is compatible with Javascript and Cascading style sheets. This enables you to create customized web applications. Recent trends are inclined more towards Laravel because of its customized offering style as opposed to CodeIgniter’s freedom. So, take the call for your business accordingly.


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